I thought I would collect some of my blog posts and other writing into one place. You will find writing here about the process of becoming a book author, how to write successful non-fiction, book marketing and creating your author platform. There’s also my blog posts and articles on 3D CAD and Sketchup.

build-your-own-garden-office_thumb.jpgFor details of how you can build your own garden office, from the comfort of your own garage, with no DIY experience whatsoever, that’s fully insulated against the winter, you can erect in one day, costs you just £1000, can be expanded into a garden bedroom and even a starter home for your children, and can be disassembled, transported in a car and reassembled again using just a cordless drill… by just yourself…

Build your own home office and starter home

or browse the current plans and details here (updated soon)

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On Becoming an author

Articles about starting off as an author, querying a publisher, writing proposals and developing book contents. Also covered is the important subject of identifying profitable topics to write about.

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Marketing and Building an Author Platform

3D and Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Articles about CAD, SketchUp and Engineering Design and Architecture.

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Short Author Bio

Robin de Jongh is a three times published author of non-fiction books and writer of many magazine articles for niche and trade publications including Web Designer Magazine and Linux Format. He works in the publishing industry for Manning Publications helping authors to devise, write and market successful non-fiction books. He’s a former design engineer and serial entrepreneur with a degree in Product Design. You can get in touch on robin a robindejongh d com (replace the a with an @ and the d with a dot).