I thought I would collect some of my blog posts and other writing into one place. You will find writing here about the process of becoming a book author, how to write successful non-fiction, book marketing and creating your author platform. There’s also my blog posts and articles on 3D CAD and Sketchup, and finally some Biblical exposition.

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On Becoming an author

Articles about starting off as an author, querying a publisher, writing proposals and developing book contents. Also covered is the important subject of identifying profitable topics to write about.

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Marketing and Building an Author Platform

3D and Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Articles about CAD, SketchUp and Engineering Design and Architecture.

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Bible Studies

The Bible is a large and extremely densely packed book. It’s hard to make sense of it and there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet. Find out what the text actually means for yourself.

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Selected studies:

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Short Author Bio

Robin de Jongh is a three times published author of non-fiction books and writer of many magazine articles for niche and trade publications. He works in the publishing industry for Manning Publications helping authors to devise and write successful non-fiction books. You can get in touch on robin a robindejongh d com (replace the a with an @ and the d with a dot).